Welcome to InProdicon’s Curated Radio service!

The Curated Radio gives you access to over 1500 channels, lovingly curated by our expert music programmers. Browse by genre, theme, mood, destination and so much more.

Our web-based player is currently supported by iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and most computer browsers.

Would you like to try the Curated Radio?

Prerequisite: You will need to have a valid account set up by InProdicon. Please contact your InProdicon contact person.

You can access the service using the link at the bottom of this page. But first, please read on.



The first time you login, you will be asked to select a plan.

All plans allow you to explore and enjoy 1500+ channels curated by our expert music programmers. You can search by keywords such as genre, mood, decade, theme and country; or search for an artist to see in which channels they feature.

Each higher plan provides additional features as indicated below.

Bronze – Non-interactive, limited catalogue

  • Start/stop only
  • No skipping
  • Bookmark favourite channels

Silver – Semi-interactive, limited catalogue

  • Pause playback
  • Skip forwards up to 6 times per hour

Gold – Fully interactive, limited catalogue

  • Skip forwards/backwards as often as you like
  • Albums available
  • Track listing shown
  • Play any song in any order
  • Search for specific songs and artists – coming soon
  • Bookmark favourite artists and songs – coming soon

Platinum – Fully interactive, full catalogue – Coming soon

  • Extended catalogue
  • Create and share own channels
  • Offline mode


Note 1: The choice of plan can subsequently be changed in the menu in the player.

Note 2: The Gold plan showcases a selection of audio books in various languages. These are intended to illustrate the player’s capability of handling various content types but are not included in the Curated Radio service as standard.

Please note

InProdicon provides a white label solution, and this player is merely for demonstrational purposes. It will allow you to test basic performance, e.g., latency, sound quality and handover between various networks.

InProdicon’s platform can handle all types of digital content including but not limited to music, videos, movies, audio books and e-books. The test player contains a limited catalogue of music that may change from time to time.

InProdicon’s partners have the option of creating their own front-end including branding, layout and functionality (look-and-feel) or commissioning InProdicon to do so in accordance with provided specifications.

You may experience periods of downtime during which InProdicon performs maintenance of the service.



We are grateful for any feedback you may have. Please drop us an email: info@inprodicon.com 


This Curated Radio player is strictly for personal use and solely for the purpose of testing and evaluation for a limited time (up to six months). It may not be used for commercial purposes in any way. You may not share this web page, the link to the player, or your login credentials with anybody else.




When you have read and understood the disclaimer, please push the button to access the Curated Radio Player