About us

InProdicon is a privately owned and independent provider of digital content subscription services and related technology for the world market. Its founders have more than 40 years’ experience of licensing and distribution of music and other copyrighted material.

As a white label provider, InProdicon works with companies and brands looking to benefit from the rise of digital in driving increased customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and revenues. InProdicon offers these companies affordable digital services bearing their own brand, built around a dynamic and flexible technical platform with a huge catalogue of international and local content.

InProdicon delivers to industries that need assistance with content licensing and provision. These currently include the airline, telecommunications and hospitality industries.



InProdicon’s dynamic, fast and flexible platform has the capacity to support millions of concurrent users across the world with high quality streaming. It is cost effectively scalable to unlimited capacity.

It supports the secure distribution of any digital files as well as many different business models. All files are stored in lossless format in encrypted “vaults” in Switzerland and are individually encrypted.

The solution was designed from day one to integrate with third party solutions. The music ‘space’ is dynamic, and the solution has been designed to incorporate new sources easily. It allows for sharing across all social media and collection of rich metadata from several sources. Individual partner adaptations are easy to implement due to the platform’s flexibility.

Support is provided for major operating systems and devices including iPad and iPhone iOS, Android smartphones, PC and Mac browsers, feature phones, connected cars, Chromecast, Android TV, Android Wear, iWatch, Apple TV and Sonos.



InProdicon has an excellent reputation in the content industry worldwide. Its founders have built invaluable B2B and personal relationships over 40 years in the industry. This enables and facilitates the licensing of all the content that clients wish to be represented in their service.

Through its many partnerships, InProdicon can provide content including music, audio books and e-books, movies, TV series, documentaries, telenovelas, podcasts and concerts.

All music is stored in lossless format.


Curated Radio

InProdicon’s curated radio service offers hundreds of professionally created radio stations / playlists. The music catalogue includes millions of local and international songs and channels can be provided by genre, theme, occasion, mood or geographical location. The content is continually updated to keep it fresh, either by InProdicon or by the partner using InProdicon’s CMS. There is also the possibility to add music videos as well as to vary the consumer interaction level – skipping, picking favourites, shuffle possibility, etc.

The service comes at a low price for maximum reach and revenue generation. It can be monetized by the client through advertising, a small user fee or perhaps using loyalty reward points (in partnership with an airline or credit card company for example). The curated radio service provides a perfect steppingstone for later upgrade to premium, paid services.


Premium Subscription

An “all you can eat” streaming service offering millions of songs and albums from major labels, international independent labels and aggregators, as well as regional labels. Functionality includes the possibility to create playlists, personalised recommendations, artist biographies and offline listening capability. It can be used on all personal devices.

InProdicon offers thousands of pre-created playlists by genre, theme, occasion, mood and geographical location with the possibility to add music videos. The content is continually updated to keep it fresh, either by InProdicon or by the partner using InProdicon’s CMS.


Airline Industry

InProdicon provides content services adapted to the needs of airlines and the inflight entertainment industry under the brand InProdicon Air.

Content licensing for the airline industry can be prohibitively complex. Thanks to its licensing experience and various partnerships, InProdicon can offer comprehensive content services including linear radio and all you can eat subscription with a broad range of music from both major and independent labels.

InProdicon is working directly with airlines, numerous content service providers and the world’s largest manufacturers of IFE systems and technology.

Allowing passengers to pay with loyalty reward points provides the airline a way to adjust balance sheet liability and realise deferred revenue.


Telecommunications Industry

InProdicon has worked with many telecommunication companies over the years. For them, the benefits of offering its customers a branded subscription service are many:


Differentiation – Music services are reliably engaging and an enjoyable experience. They allow partners to differentiate their offerings from competitors in order to sell their core products.

Customer acquisition – Bundling music subscription with an offer or service plan can be a very viable, cost effective way of acquiring new customers.

Customer retention – Subscription services are sticky. Users that invest time building playlists becomes reluctant to cease using the service, thereby losing access to their collection. This stickiness leads to customers renewing their subscriptions and they become locked into the partner ecosystem.

Brand building and customer engagement – Personalized recommendations raise the enjoyment of exploration and increase mobile engagement. The more customers are engaged with great content, the more they use the service, keeping the brand top-of-mind.



New revenue stream – Customers that pay for the service create a revenue for the partner each month they do so.

Valuable data – Listening data and other demographics provide valuable business intelligence for the partner, allowing them to better refine their selling strategy to offer products and services that best fit carefully segmented audiences.

New communication channel – Partners can communicate with customers through the music app which many will be using daily.

Incentive to upgrade – With music included, customers may be incentivised to invest in more premium plans, including those offering more data or those with longer binding periods.

Increased reach – Through an existing partner, InProdicon can offer a solution whereby content can be distributed to people in areas where little or no reliable internet infrastructure currently exists.